SMC Dance Show “Dreams of Dance”

From Nov. 17 to 20,the Dance Club hosted their Fall dance show titled, “I Dream of Dance.”

The dances involved old and new styles of dancing, as well as a few international styles. Dance club leader junior Melissa Griffith welcomed the audience to the show by saying, “Hopefully we will be in your dreams tonight.”

The dance show began with lots of different types of dances. One of the international dances, a Chinese Fan Dance, ended the first act.

Choreographer Jessica Chen explained what it was like creating and working on her dance by saying, “It was really hard but it was also a lot of fun.”

Another international dance involved belly dancing. Sophomore Will Rees, a member of the audience, said he especially liked this act. He added, “The show was phenomenal. They brought in a lot of styles, and it’s always good when there is belly.”

One more modern type of dancing used was popping, where the dancer regularly contracts and relaxes muscles. One dancer, senior Caroline Vanblargan, preformed this in a dance titled, “You Got the Green Light, Baby!”

When describing her experience with the dance show, Vanblargan said, “It was really fun, it was the first time I had been choreographed.” She added, “I’ve been doing [popping] for two years, I’m self-taught.”

One more traditional dance in terms of motions was titled, “Beguiled.” In this dance first-year Laura Rodriguez became “charmed” by fellow dancer and first-year Scott Mclnerney.

While it initially seems like Mclnerney’s character reciprocates Rodriguez’ character’s feelings, he later rejects her. When describing the creation of this dance, choreographer first-year Kia Krondorfer said, “In the beginning I started with an idea, and when I started working with other people it all came together. It was a team effort.”

When asked about the future Krondorfer said, “I know that each show will get better and better.”

The dancers entertained students and faculty alike. Dean of Students Laura Bayless said, “I look forward to the Dance Show every semester and it never disappoints.” If students are curious about dance they can try out for Dance Club, or go to the new Spring show next semester.

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