Trustee Talks Strategic Plan

Who likes planning? It’s one of those tedious tasks that always seems to be hovering over you like a rain cloud until that day you finally get a plan hashed out and a rainbow shines through. Who doesn’t like rainbows?

Well, right now, the college is stuck with the rain cloud. We’re at the end of our old strategic plan and are in the process of pulling together a new one. The strategic plan is the guiding document for the entire institution heading into the future. In this case, it’s going to cover the next five years, and will encompass every aspect of campus.

As our current draft is now structured, we have four overarching goals that everything else we want to do fits under. They are: a rigorous academic program; access, affordability and diversity; sustainability and environmental stewardship; and community and civil engagement. Each of these is further broken down into vital priorities, and then more tactics within those priorities (sometimes with sub-tactics under that; it’s like a giant, mind-boggling outline).

While the goals are labeled one through four, and everything within the goals has a number of some kind, nothing has been prioritized, which is a slight problem. That’s going to take another bajillion meetings, but it is so necessary in order to make the tough decisions.

We have some sub-committees that are dealing with the nitty gritty, and then those sub-committees bring their work to the full committee for feedback. In essence, this is going to be a long process, so buckle up.

Now, I want to know when my terrible metaphor is going to come back to fruition and we’re going to see the rainbow for all it is worth. If you cross all your fingers and avoid breaking any mirrors, we’ll have the whole nine yards squared away by the end of the academic year, possibly sooner.

Things were greatly delayed last year due to our lack of a full President (shout out to Larry Vote for the excellent job he did as acting President). But now with President Urgo on board, we’re really cracking down.

His vision is feeding into the whole of the strategic plan, and the final draft is beginning to come together. If you want to know more, or give your opinions on what is best for the school, don’t hesitate to contact me at!

See you on the Path!

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