Hawk Radio Recharges for 2010

After multiple setbacks, St. Mary’s resident radio station The HAWK is back to serve up student-oriented programming with an impressive new set list.

The HAWK radio, according to Senior Maddy Gillis, President of the station, is a student-run radio station which broadcasts student programs that consist of “generally [a] combination of talk and radio.” She added, “we do have some sports radio shows [and] some random all-talk shows.”

Unlike last year, however, training and programming was delayed by dead batteries in the radio equipment.

She added that usually there are extras in the radio station room in case of such situations, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case this year and more had to be ordered. To exacerbate the situation, the order for new batteries could not be put in until Sept. 15 when the new Fiscal Associate for the Office of Student Activities started.

The batteries didn’t arrive until Sept. 23, and as Gillis said, “when we first got the batteries, they were the wrong ones.” Even worse, further confusion pushed back the delivery of the correct batteries until Oct. 13, further delaying training until Oct. 20 and the start of programming until Oct. 25.

Despite these issues getting the station up, Gillis said that, “most people are optimistic and enthusiastic about [the HAWK].”

She noted that there are 48 hour-long shows this year and 78 DJs, which come out to twice as many shows as last year, and added, “there’s a lot of competition for top spots.”

She also said that there are currently 13 students on the executive board, which is also a marked increase from last year.

Gillis also noted that the HAWK radio should hopefully be back on its usual television station soon, and the HAWK radio’s FM radio licensing is still being reviewed by the Federal Communications Commission, but that “if it does go through we did have plans to put [it] up in Southern Calvert county…you’d be able to hear it on the drive to [Washington], D.C.”

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