Hallow’s Eve to HallowGreens: St. Mary’s History of the Celebration of Horror on Campus

Halloween was first mentioned in The Point News in 1959’s December issue, under the story heading “All Hallow’s Eve”, and next to a dorm version of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas and a Thanksgiving announcement to students.

Throughout the paper’s past, Halloween is, surprisingly, seldom mentioned, and pictures are rarely released of the holiday that now attracts hundreds of students to North Campus every year for an intense display of community and creative costumes.

Over the years, the College has held pumpkin carving contests, trick-or-treat events for County toddlers, theatrical productions of a scary nature, and, most recently (and unofficially), HallowGreens, which is not mentioned in The Point until 2005 in a photo caption.

This page is a tribute to these traditions, and a representation of how St. Mary’s students have celebrated 10/31 over the last five decades independently and as part of the College community.

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