Hallowgreens: First Year Perspective.

On Hallowgreens night, I found Jesus.


He was dipping two fingers into his red plastic cup filled with Natural Light, and blessing anyone who passed him on the Townhouse Greens. He then proceeded to give Zach Galifianakis a bear hug. I’ve seen some funny things in my first few months at St. Mary’s, but Hallowgreens may have just topped them all.

For journalistic purposes, I tried not to have any expectations of the event, so that writing from a first-years point of view would be as unbiased as possible. The hype leading up to Hallowgreens, however, was impossible not to hear – as well as the stories of past years. As put by a fellow student in the laundry room the day prior, “you’ll love it, it’s insane.”

And so it was.

My night began in a friend’s dorm, getting dressed and drawing on a mole (I was Marylin Monroe for the night). With me, was Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Chow from the Hangover, and that guy from Inception. Movie characters were a theme for us, and when we reached the crowded Greens, it seemed we weren’t the only ones.

When we weren’t running into blue “Na’vi” from Avatar, we found ourselves bumping into the green “Hulk.” Some people really committed to body paint and light clothing, despite freezing weather – dedication I found simply impressive.

Walking from townhouse to townhouse made the entire block seem to merge into one large party, music from each individual room blending with others into a cacophony of Lady Gaga and Lil’ Wayne. Some of my favorite townhouses were themed, including one with people standing in a picture frame as the figures from the painting “American Gothic.”

And, of course, the Hallowgreens notorious trick-or-treating for alcohol made the evening’s events that much more interesting. One individual, obviously having consumed a fair amount of substance, was seen attempting to climb a pyramid tent in front of one of the townhouses as though it were a real pyramid, as Public Safety watched unamused.

Some students even chose to dress as Public Safety officers, and were remarkably convincing– so much so that we didn’t realize they were in costume until they were seen encouraging another student to chug down their beer.

Real Public Safety officers did in fact intervene when at about ten in the evening, loud popping noises were heard twice from the far side of the Greens. It was unclear to anyone whether it was firecrackers or extraordinarily loud balloons exploding; however – despite the unexplained noise – the event continued, unperturbed.

Some time later, as I was leaving, I saw two people dressed as Adam and Eve – and wondered if they too found Jesus and had a conversation with him tonight. After convincing a friend not to swim in the fountain by Schaffer Hall, everyone headed home; to get some much needed sleep.

In my opinion as a first-year, Hallowgreens was memorable to say the least, and I can’t wait to do it all again, next year.

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