College Intramurals Hosts Men’s and Co-ed Dodgeball Leagues

St. Mary’s students and faculty got to re-live their high school days with the College Intramurals-hosted Men’s and Co-ed Dodgeball Tournament, held from Oct. 19 to Nov. 4 to give the College community a way to enjoy the sport of dodgeball in a competitive but friendly, environment.

Thirty-one seven-person teams, consisting of men and women from the campus community, are competing against each other in the tournament, sponsored by Intramurals, following the end of the Badminton League and a one-day Capture the Flag event.

“I think it’s the best intramural sport so far this semester,” said sophomore Francisco Rodenzo, member of Co-Ed Team 8, “My Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t.” “I think dodgeball has been going really well.”
The 31 teams participating in the tournament, consisting of 23 Co-ed teams and eight Men’s teams, were organized into groups of four to six.

Each group of teams would compete with each other in an attempt to make it into the playoff games, to be held on Thursday, Nov. 4. The league runs 8-10:30 p.m. during normal league nights, and 8-11 p.m. on playoff night.

“We play for a total of five games,” said Rodenzo. “Each team will play with seven players, and three must be girls for the Co-ed league.”

Each match of dodgeball is played to the best three of five games, with the game win going to the team that eliminates all players on the opposing team. A player is declared out of the game if he or she is hit below the shoulder by a live ball (one that has not hit the ground and is thrown by an opposing team player), attempts to catch a ball but is unable to hold on to it, or throws a ball that is caught by an opposing team player.

Players aiming for opposing team players’ heads will be warned by the game official, and will be eliminated if the offense is repeated.

Players are only allowed to step out of a court to retrieve a ball, which they cannot hold for longer than ten seconds without throwing it. All players were also asked to wear athletic footwear, not wear dangling jewelry, and not bring alcohol to a match or be under the influence of alcohol during a match.

Consequences of breaking the policies of the tournament included a deduction in sportsmanship points (which could ultimately result in league ejection), match forfeiture, or immediate league ejection.
Each match is limited to a total of 25 minutes, and players must remain in a game without switching with other teammates, which prevents some teammates from entering the match until later games.

“It sucks that you can’t sub people in and out of the game,” said junior Mike Snow, also a participant in the league. “It gives less playing time for everyone.”

As in other Intramural leagues, prizes will be awarded to playoff winners. “Playoffs start this Thursday, and we will have a winner from Co-ed and Men’s,” said Brooke Austin, senior supervisor of Intramurals. “Champions will each get a T-shirt.”

The Dodgeball Tournament ends on Nov. 4, and is followed by a one-day round-robin flag football tournament, scheduled for Nov. 6.

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