Belle and Sebastian “Write About Love” in New Album

Almost five years since Glasgow twee-pop band Belle and Sebastian released their seventh studio album, they have pushed themselves off the backburner and back into the limelight with Write About Love.

The album, quite unmistakably, is an ode to love itself. However, it nonchalantly avoids being a raging cliché, full of sweet nothings and flowers and rainbows.

The septet has developed a very polished, smart concept that still manages to be edgy and fun.

Rather than focusing on falling in love, the album focuses on growing in love: from friendship, to infatuation, to love, to heartbreak.

It acknowledges all of the many baby steps that are a huge part of love of any kind, and the fact that each step can change your life.

The major them was that love teaches you so many things in life, and can inspire you in so many ways – even at points when it walks away from you.

Belle and Sebastian’s sound itself hasn’t faltered; front man Stuart Murdoch continues to take center stage with his smooth vocals, and the drumline and guitar parts have the same heavy riffs that they have in the past.

What sets Write About Love apart from Belle and Sebastian’s other seven studio albums is how the band has flawlessly managed to pull inspiration from each of their previous releases.

There are moments throughout the album where you can cite similarities between it and any other album of theirs – but the sound is still so fresh.

After twelve years as a band, Belle and Sebastian has proved that age isn’t anything but a number, and that they can manage to keep getting better with time.

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