What Should I Bring Up to the Trustees?

This weekend the Board of Trustees will hold their first quarterly meeting for the 2010-2011 academic year. It’s an exciting time in the St. Mary’s governing world, as it will be the first meeting with President Urgo and our new Chairperson, Molly Mahoney, who was profiled in the last edition of the Point News.

However, ensuring that the student voice is heard is more important than these two high profile additions. That means I need to hear from all of you on what I should talk to the Board about.

There are many things happening around campus these days that the Board is working with or should hear about. The Anne Arundel work is underway, with preliminary archeological digs prior to demolition. Margaret Brent is on schedule to be moved to the Campus Center parking lot this coming summer. Lesley Urgo is spearheading a drive to make our whole campus an Arboretum.

There’s construction outside of Goodpaster and Schaefer Halls. The meadows around campus are being reviewed to better optimize their locations. Tuition rises will be coming up soon, and our food service contract is expiring. The Strategic Planning Committee is continually meeting to hammer out our long-term goals and where we want to take this school. There’s talk of a pub on campus.

What do you all want me to tell the Board? What is important in your life as a student here? What needs to be improved upon, or changed entirely? If you’re not sure whether or not something would come under the Board’s authority, tell me what it is, and if you should talk to someone else about it, I’ll point you in the right direction. St. Mary’s is our home, and even though it was severely flooded last week, we still live here.

We can’t let this institution’s future be shaped without our input, because even when we become alumni, important things such as being able to take out sailboats will still be relevant in our lives.
So before heading off to fall break, send me an email at druthenbergmarshall@smcm.edu with your thoughts and concerns. I’ll make sure the Trustees listen to what we have to say and act on it.

This school is for the students. Without us, the school loses its purpose for existence. Thus, we should have a huge say in what we do. Thanks for helping me out on this! See you on the Path!

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