Trustee Profile: Neil Irwin

Trustee Neil Irwin (Photo Submitted by Neil Irwin)
Trustee Neil Irwin (Photo Submitted by Neil Irwin)

Neil Irwin, economics reporter for the Washington Post and St. Mary’s alum is the focus of this weeks Trustee Profile. Irwin graduated from St. Mary’s in 2000 and began as an intern at the Washington Post the same year.

On the Board of Trustees, Irwin has served as the chair of the Enrollment and Student Affairs Committee and was also heavily involved in the Presidential Search Committee.
Irwin said, “I’m thrilled that we picked Joe Urgo. It was a long and difficult process and we as the board learned a lot about the college.”

“It triggered a lot of deep thinking about the future of the college….[Dr. Urgo] is a leader who I think is going to lead St. Mary’s into a wonderful period.”

He said his goals and “ambitions are the same as all those affiliated with St. Mary’s.” The Board is always striving to help the college grow and be a place where people of all backgrounds can get a first-rate liberal arts education.”

During his time on the Board of Trustees, Irwin said he has learned a lot about St. Mary’s. “One thing we learned in the [Presidential] search was that there was distrust between different groups on campus; that’s not the way it should be.”

When he heard about the greater transparency and visibility of campus figures like Dr. Urgo and Chief Santiago, Director of Public Safety, he said, “I’m pleased to hear there is progress in rebuilding that culture at St. Mary’s.”

Irwin said the members of the Board of Trustees are “all pretty accessible people…[and] most of us are pretty eager to hear from students. If people want to contact us directly feel free.” A list of all the members on the Board of Trustees is available on the college’s website.

He also stated he and Molly Mahoney Matthews have plans to visit and meet with students in general or the SGA in the next few months.

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