Students, Parents Find Plenty to Do at This Year’s Family Weekend

Professor Dave Kung (right), holding his Boat Race victory check. (Photo by Ryan Gugerty)
Professor Dave Kung (right), holding his Boat Race victory check. (Photo by Ryan Gugerty)

The weekend of Oct. 1-3, families of St. Mary’s students came to St. Mary’s City for a few days of food, fun, festivities, and quality time. Parents and siblings spent time walking around campus, seeing all the sights and learning more about where their children live and learn.

Hawktoberfest was also happening at the same time, which is an athletics event that features lacrosse, tennis, soccer, swimming and baseball games, many against alumni.

Families got to enjoy all of the various booths and sporting events. There were also river cruises, tours of Historic St. Mary’s City, and a reception with President Joseph Urgo.

First-year Alli Berg participated in the Ultimate Frisbee match against the alumni. She said, “it was a lot of fun playing against people I have never met, but I still felt a great bond with all the players.”

Besides enjoying the Frisbee match, Alli also had a great time with her parents. “Seeing my family was pretty cool, I even got to eat real food [when I went out with them] – but no offense to the Great Hall!”

Also taking place this weekend was the Petruculli Memorial 5K Run/ Walk, an annual fundraising event for Saferide. Visitors were also able to visit the Boyden Gallery and attend a lecture by Professor Charles Adler on “The Atmosphere Exposed” exhibit, as well as a performance by Alberto Cesaraccio.

On Oct. 2, a new form of an annual tradition took place on the waterfront. In previous years, there have been races with cardboard boats. This year, however, an interesting modification was made to the tradition, turning it into the Great Bamboo Boat Race.

Bamboo is a more sustainable material, so it made for an environmentally friendly change, though a rather sudden one. Still, despite the change in tradition, spectators and competitors alike enjoyed the competition.

Senior Michael Cyrana built and raced a bamboo boat this year. In reference to the change of materials, he said it was “an interesting change, and it will be cool to see how everyone adapts to [using] bamboo this year.”

He added that the weekend as a whole was “busy but fun” for him and his family. His mother echoed the sentiment, and said “the highlight [of the weekend] was definitely the Bamboo Boat Race.”

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