Registrar’s Office Gets Money for What Would Otherwise Be Trash

In an effort to capitalize on the school’s initiative to “go green,” Nickolas Tulley, Assistant Registrar/Integrated Student Services Administrator, has set up a program that involves trading recyclable technology to companies like Funding Factory and CC Cash in order to make money for the college.

Tulley hopes that doing this will encourage the college to recycle more. He said, “This is one step I am taking to help the campus be more green.”

The companies he is using both collect inkjet/laser cartridges and cell phones; CC Cash also collects laptop computers, PDAs, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS devices, game systems, video games, and DVDs. Tulley hopes that students and teachers will help with the initiative by bringing these items to the service desk in Glendenning.

Tulley was not the first to trade recyclables for cash. His mother-in-law, who works for local public schools, told him about the public schools’ involvement in these types of programs.

However, Tulley did not realize that part of the campus already used Funding Factory. The Campus Store, for example, has sent ink cartridges to Fun Factory in the past, but the store had no plans to try to include other parts of the college in this program. Tulley hopes to involve the whole college and especially areas that already recycle but do not receive a monetary benefit.

The first year of the program will test its ability to help the campus. The money received will go to the Campus Technology Support Services(CTSS) budget, but Tulley is hopeful that the program could help provide some sort of scholarship for students in the future. He said it all depends on how successful and wide reaching the program is.

In a campus-wide email Tulley was happy to announce that 100 ink cartridges have been collected.

Right now student involvement is at a minimum, only including the ones that currently work in Glendenning. Teachers and staff have provided the majority of the cartridges. The main problem is that students do not know about the project, but Tulley said he would, “be willing to work with students if they are interested.”

Students can get involved by donating the specific recyclable items at the Glendenning Hall Service Desk. All empty toner and ink cartridges need to be inside of their original boxes or in the boxes of the cartridges that replaced the empty ones. Students can also contact Tulley if they are interested in taking more of a leadership role in the program.

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