News in Brief: Campus Pub Receives State Approval

With legal approval from the state Attorney General, the campus pub has gotten one step closer to becoming a reality.

The pub is the idea of President Joseph Urgo and based on the pub at Hamilton College, his prior institution. Last week, after extensive research by the state’s Attorney General, Urgo said they had found “nothing in the state that prohibits [a pub on campus]” and that Vice President of Trustee Relations Kathy Grimes is currently in talks with the state liquor board about licensing. He added that, much like at Hamilton College, the most likely supplier of both food and alcohol for the pub would be Bon Appetit.

Possible locations for the pub are also still being scoped out. According to Urgo, there has been a lot of interest in putting one in north campus, but he would prefer it to be centralized so as to keep it college-only. He suggested that Daugherty-Palmer Commons (DPC) was a viable option, and that there is already a small kitchen in DPC that could be converted.

Grimes said that students interested in voicing their opinions on the campus pub should come to the next President’s Forum on Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 4p.m. However, she also noted that “the October Forum won’t be the only opportunity to discuss this issue, so students shouldn’t worry that they only have one chance to provide feedback. There will be many opportunities for input as we move through this process.”

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