Inside a Trustee Meeting

When I woke up on Saturday morning, my first thought was to turn off that annoying alarm clock. Then I sat there for a minute while my brain woke up, and I remembered why my alarm went off so early. I quickly got ready and headed to the Board meeting.

The buffet breakfast prior to the meeting was excellent, though I didn’t indulge much as I was trying not to get my suit dirty. It’s a different mentality from most days, when I simply walk around, sometimes lacking shoes, and don’t really worry about what happens.

But that day, I needed to look my best in order to make the Trustees listen without reservations. Had to represent ya’ll well.

When Molly Mahoney Matthews, the new Board Chair who was profiled in an earlier Point News, banged her gavel (which she did slightly less vigorously than our own SGA Vice President), everyone took a seat and the meeting began.

Following an appeal from Mahoney Matthews to the Board on behalf of student scholarships, we heard the report of the President. It was his first Board report, much as it was mine, though he looked significantly more comfortable in the role. His remarks were, as always, eloquent.

Next was the Faculty Senate President report, which Professor Bob Paul gave in his usual thorough fashion. I always feel quite enlightened as to faculty happenings after listening to him.

During his report, a Trustee got up and slipped me a note, which made me feel like we were in class listening to a professor, instead of in a Board meeting listening to a professor.

The Trustee was wondering where the Student Trustee-in-Training was. For those of you who don’t know, Maurielle Stewart is in France, studying abroad for the semester.

As Paul concluded his report, Mahoney Matthews gave me the floor for the report of the Student Trustee. With butterflies in my stomach, I talked about the great job students think President Urgo is doing, the support I’ve found behind Gender Neutral housing, the sustainable initiatives on campus, how the bike shop lost its funding, why the internet is too slow, and of course, I talked all about our very own mold problem.

The Trustees were receptive on all counts, and I’m working on many of these points with the Administration and Trustees.

Following my report, we heard the reports of all the Committee Chairs and from the heads of affiliated organizations, such as the Alumni Council and Historic St. Mary’s Commission.

After the meeting concluded, I stayed behind to discuss a number of aforementioned issues with Trustees and administrators before I took my leave to watch women’s tennis put up a valiant fight, men’s tennis defeat an undefeated team, and women’s soccer shut down York.

Now, I have two months to make some headway into these areas of concern before bringing a new report before the Board at the next meeting in December. As always, let me know what I can do for you, and I’ll see what I can make happen!

See you on the Path!

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