Arcade Fire’s Third Album Lives Up to Expectations

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Arcade Fire never fails to disappoint, and their third album The Suburbs is no exception. The seven-piece band, hailing from Montreal, has created an indie folk album that not only makes a statement, but also tells an incredible story.

Collectively, this album describes the feeling of complete disenchantment with suburbia; how it feels to be tied down by your surroundings and want to get out and experience the world without feeling so safe. But essentially, it’s all about growing up.

The Suburbs compares the youth of today with the youth of yesterday, and the expectations that have been set over time for kids – while still recognizing that things have changed and can’t go back to the way they were before.

As time passes, the things that kids experience as they grow up might change, but they want the same things: to grow up, to get out, to follow their dreams and take risks rather than take the easy way out.

This idea is developed gradually through each track, starting gentle and mellow, but building up to a heavier sound. However, the message never changes: it’s still all about the beauty and terror and magic of growing up.

All in all, The Suburbs provides such an honest outlook on the experience of youth and the road to maturity.

Not only is the sound infectious, but the statement it makes and the message it portrays make it a cut above many other albums released this year. Arcade Fire really hit the mark with this album – it’s definitely worth a listen!

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