Tech Support Partnering with Bell Logix

Campus Technology Support Services (CTSS) has unveiled a new partnership with Bell Industries/Bell Tech Logix, a company that will provide technology support and assessment for the college starting October 1.

This support service will offer Tier 1 assessments when calls are made to CTSS. Calls will still be made to the same extensions, x4357 or x2357 or to 866-291-2796 from off campus, where they will speak to a member Bell Tech Logix staff. According to Lisa Youngborg, Office/User Support Administrator at CTSS, Bell Tech Logix has St. Mary’s specific staff trained to help deal with problems specific to St. Mary’s technology as well as broader concerns, such as password resets or software issues.

Janet Immink, the Business Development Manager of Bell Tech Logix, has been working closely with Youngborg to develop this partnership. Immink said the focus was “providing service to take care of entry level issues.”

The call center will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the call center is unable to resolve the issue over the phone, a work ticket will be sent to CTSS so their office can work to resolve the problem.

Youngborg said, “This campus needs front end customer service for immediate support….[This service will] help staff [at St. Mary’s] a lot in filling a vacuum with software support.”

The goal is to allow CTSS staff to have more time to deal with more specific technology issues. Immink said, “We want people on campus to do higher level work.”
No staff positions have been cut in making this partnership and “nothing physically will change in this office,” said Youngborg.

The partnership with Bell Tech Logix was instituted because of CTSS’ desire to provide better and more thorough support, but was limited because of their limited staff. It was negotiated through the Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium, of which St. Mary’s is a member, starting with a one-year contract.

Throughout the process, Youngborg and Immink said they would be evaluating and reviewing the effectiveness of the call center. Immink said she has been in “constant communication” with CTSS and Youngborg there would be weekly reviews of the service in which she would look over what issues Bell Tech Logix is getting calls about and how well and how quickly they are being handled. The reviews would decrease in frequency if CTSS is feeling satisfied with Bell Tech Logix’s service.

Youngborg also said that “privacy will be protected.” Bell Tech Logix does not have access to student records or any sensitive information.

Both parties have also been pleased with the partnership so far. Youngborg said, “We are very happy with our working relationship with them,” and Immink said “Our experience has been nothing but positive.”

Senior Teddy Bisrat, a Student Consultant at CTSS (one of the students who provides support at the desk in Baltimore Hall), said, “It would take a…load off everyone’s backs.” He said that in the evenings, it’s usually just a student sitting at the desk. “It would be a big help. Lots of students come in in the evening…It could resolve a lot of student’s problems quickly…I fully support it.”

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