Ask Miss Meghan: Your New Resident Sexpert

I (Meghan) hope that everyone is settling back into the swing of things here at SMCM. We have decided to try something new this year where you can get your questions answered, without ever having to leave the comfort of your snuggie.

I am the shiny new Sexual Assault and Wellness Advocate here on campus (home base is in the Counseling and Health Center). I collect degrees (and have the loan debt to prove it) including a BA in Psychology, a MA in Counseling Psychology, a MEd in Human Sexuality, and am finishing my EdD in Human Sexuality so I, like, totally, like, know lots of stuff about, like, things. Seriously.

This column is your way to get those burning questions (if it is really burning, you might want to go get that looked at) answered about: Sex, Health, Mind, Body, Relationships, Conflict, Stress Reduction, Anxiety, Nutrition, Time Management, Mental Health, Conflict, Drugs, Alcohol, Friends, Relaxation, Sadness, Balance, Body Image, Family, Orientation, Sexual Assault, Sleep, Self-Care, Homesickness, Stalking, Women’s Issues, Men’s Issues, etc… Whew, I think that covers it, but if your query does not fit ANY of those categories, good for you, and I can still probably give you better advice than Wikipedia.

You, oh great and wonderful reader and asker of questions, can expect me to be honest, accurate, open, and a connoisseur of jokes made in rather unfortunate taste. I will cite my sources in reference to factual information and expect that you will understand that I am writing recommendations, not commands. All I ask in exchange for the invaluable sharing of my years of wisdom is that you ask questions, rather than fumble along in life acting as if you know the answers. You will go further in life knowing what you don’t know than you would acting as if you know everything. Ya know?

Also, NO topic is off limits to ask questions about and I will never publish any identifiable information. This is about sharing information (and, well, actually learning things). I may however take creative license to assign you an endearing name (i.e. Dear incurable itch) for the better entertainment of the audience (and myself). I may occasionally also plug what ever I feel like plugging (i.e. RAINN Day is at the end of September so look forward to getting carded by the First Responder Network), or rant/rave about things that interest or anger me (I will also use an excessive amount of parentheses).

To submit questions, please send me a message at
I look forward to being a voice of reason and entertaining to you all!

Somewhat Sincerely,
-Miss Meghan-
(Root, MA, MEd)

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