Submitted by Danny Ruthenberg-Marshall
Submitted by Danny Ruthenberg-Marshall

Hello St. Mary’s! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Danny Ruthenberg-Marshall, and I’m your Student Trustee for the 2010-2011 academic year. In short, the Student Trustee is the only representative we have to the Board, which decides almost everything about our $64,000,000 budget. To that end, I need to make sure our voice is heard on issues including tuition, buildings, academic majors and minors, grounds, strategic planning, climate neutrality, enrollment, student affairs, and more.
For those of you who think the position can’t actually accomplish anything, I hope you keep an open mind and help me work for the students. My predecessors and I have accomplished much, from stopping the construction of a footbridge, bringing up the issues with online tuition payment and canceled classes, to the elimination of the Montgomery Hall meadow (the lost habitat will be replaced in as yet to be determined location). The more student opinions I can bring to the Board, the more they will listen.
In order to properly represent the student body, I need to hear what you think about issues, or what you want to see the school accomplish. To do this, I’ve established a number of lines of communication. First and foremost, you can email me at You could also call me at 240-620-1404. I have office hours Tuesday late afternoon and Wednesday morning each week, when I’ll be on the Campus Center Patio or outside the Daily Grind, depending on weather. Stop me whenever and wherever to tell me what you think, or even send a carrier pigeon. I’ve updated the Student Trustee website ( and created a blog ( in order to best keep all of you up to date as to what the Board has been doing.
I cannot do this without you. Please help me make your voices heard to ensure this school maintains its student first agenda. Together, we have an opportunity to build a better St. Mary’s for ourselves and for the students who come after us.
I’ll see you on the path!

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