SGA’s Treasurer Candidate

Matt Smith

I have been in the Senate for the last two years, accumulating an expansive working knowledge of the budget. As a result, I have definitive plans for how to responsibly manage the SGA’s budget. Firstly, I promise to keep clubs as well funded as possible. Clubs are one of the most valuable resources in the maintenance of our unique campus culture and I will do my best to help fund them. I also know that clubs spend only a portion of the money we give them and a return sum of at least 20% is likely. Therefore, I do not promise a balanced budge but rather a reasonable budget, devoid of gratuitous spending but expansive enough to meet club needs.

Another significant portion of SGA spending comes from Talon Grants, which are essentially a large grant devoted to a student project. Talon Grants are an effective way to help great ideas from the student body come to life and benefit everyone on campus. At the same time many Talon Grants, though noble in purpose, do not provide a benefited to a large enough portion of the student body to warrant the high price tag. Therefore, I pledge to review Talon Grants with a scrupulous eye preventing the excessive spending they have caused in past years.

Lastly, I pledge to continue to hold regular office hours, as I already do in my role as Senate Leader. In this time I will work on maintaining order and continuity in the complicated SGA budget. Furthermore, I will always be available to students, whether they are club leaders, students interested in becoming involved in the SGA or simply those who wish to have questions answered or complaints heard.

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