SGA Director of Campus Programming Candidates

Jessica Harvey

Hello, my name is Jessica Harvey and I am currently a junior pursuing a double major in Psychology and Human Studies. I have been actively involved on campus since my first semester at SMCM. Currently, I am The Nest Chair for Programs Board, a Student Ambassador, a First Responders Advocate, and Academic Services Fellow. I have been involved in programming and leadership ever since my freshman year in high school. By serving as a current chair on Programs Board, I have developed the skills needed to plan and run programs efficiently, work with a budget, and to reach out and collect students’ input and ideas. Over Spring Break, I spent several days at a NACA conference previewing comedians, bands, poets, solo-artists and lectures to potentially bring to SMCM next fall semester for your upmost pleasure and entertainment. If elected as your Director of Campus Programming, I plan to give everyone the best welcome back week they have ever had at SMCM, as well as work with the Programs Board chair members to issue an astonishing comedy, film, lecture, and concert series. My number one goal once obtaining this position is to reach out and acquire all of your individual programming ideas and input so that I can design the activities and events that you all would like to see or participate in the most. As Director of Campus Programming I will serve as a dependable liaison between Programs Board, SGA and the student body to insure that everyone is kept up-to-date on all upcoming programs and events. Because of my previous leadership and programming experience, dependability, and persistence, I believe that I am the right candidate to be elected as Director of Campus Programming. So let your voice be heard and vote me, Jessica Harvey, to serve as your 2010-2011 SGA Director of Campus Programming.

Bryan Miller

The Director of Campus Programming should organize and provide events that entertain and engage the student body. Programs that are interesting, exciting, informative, or simply fun are important to any campus. Such activities can broaden horizons, increase social circles, raise awareness, and create unity amongst the student body.

I try to create experiences within and beyond my own social group by planning and organizing events. Trips to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and the National Aquarium, Pride Parades and Festivals in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and New York City, the National Zoo in Washington D.C., and ArtScape in Baltimore are some of the events I have organized. Additionally, I have planned smaller events such as days for tie-dying, card-making seminars near Valentine’s Day, and baking competitions. My affinity for organizing group events was recognized by Marlena Weiss, a member of the current Programs Board. Her recommendation is the reason why I decided to look into Programs Board and begin to get involved with campus programming.

During my time at St. Mary’s I have been an active member in F.U.S.E., S.T.A.R.S, S.E.A.C., The Hawk Radio, St. Mary’s Dance Club, the Rock Climbing Club, and the Cross Country Club as well as an employee of the Daily Grind. As a result I have an extremely diverse social group that is constantly expanding and exposing me to new interests and experiences that, if elected Director of Campus Programming, would allow me to provide events essential to the unique campus of St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

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