Farewell from the Chief’s Desk

For three years, I have sauntered down to the campus center every Monday night at 8 p.m. Every Monday, I have swiped my student ID across the sensor and opening the club room door as it unlocked with a beep to make msy way to the table where staff writers and editors alike brainstormed and assigned story ideas to write about. For the past year or so, the number of Point News staff writers has sorrowfully declined, but despite our small numbers, we continue to receive comments about the quality of the newspaper that we pour so much energy into designing and distributing. As much as part of me would like to remain a part of this campus institution, I have to say goodbye, and wish the editors that are staying behind the best of luck.

I would also like to thank all of the people involved with the paper, especially the editors past and present who have acted as friends and mentors. The staff that I have worked with has always been very reliable and hardworking, willing to sacrifice as much as 24 hours total every other weekend in the newsroom, not counting the time in between spent at meetings, covering events, conducting interviews, and writing articles. I will miss the camaraderie between editors that flourishes during meetings, the fake headline placeholders, and the ridiculous captions about guest lecturers eating people or displaying superhuman powers, all of which have to be replaced before publication. I’ll miss the ability to serve the campus community, although you’ll still see me around campus, especially in the Writing Center as a tutor.

I also want to express how happy I am for the opportunities that next year’s staff will have. If President Urgo keeps his word, then next year’s editor-in-chief will have weekly access to the president to be able to cover issues important to the students. The Point News is also ordering some new equipment to be able to provide more media for both the paper and our Web site. I have no doubt that The Point News will continue to improve, and I hope that the campus community will continue to look to us for information about the pressing news around campus. I know that I will continue to read the paper, and to appreciate all of the hard work that will continue to go into it.

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