Club Spotlight: Women’s Rugby

By Diana Roman, Contributing Writer

The St. Mary’s College of Maryland Women’s Rugby Team is always a unique group of girls made up of many different backgrounds and personalities. We have a family atmosphere and deep bond with every player on the team whether they have played the sport or not. The Women’s Rugby team is always at each club fair to encourage more people to join.

We have a meeting with all the potential players and the returners to share information and get paperwork filled out. We talk about how we practice on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. on North fields. We also talk about getting physical forms for the new rugby players and the basics of rugby.

We talk about what you need to wear to play rugby, like cleats, either soccer or real rugby cleats (no toe spike), a mouth guard, spandex, and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or ripped. We talk about what the sport is, like how you have to pass the ball backwards and that how once you get tackled the play doesn’t end. The play or ball movement does not end until the ball goes out of bounds, a score is made or a penalty is called.

Lastly, we talk about how our team is a club team, not a varsity sport. We know that the students’ academics come before the sport, so missing practice or even a game is fine. We are all students here, and we play rugby for fun and enjoyment. In addition, most of our team is made of people who have never played rugby before. So, our team is always building and re-building after every year. This also makes our sisterhood bond stronger and true.
Our teammates help each other outside of rugby as well, whether it is helping someone with their St. Mary’s Project, homework from a class, or a service project. We are always there to help.
I have seen that most people that want to play for the women’s rugby team are glad that they decided to, and have had many great experiences. Trying something new is always a good thing, so why not come and see what the St. Mary’s College of Maryland Women’s Rugby team has to offer you?

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