Cast Member of 'The West Wing' to be new President

Richard Schiff played the White House Director of Communications

In a emergency meeting last night, the Board of Trustees selected Richard Schiff, cast member of NBC’s political drama The West Wing, as the next President of St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Chairman of the Board, James P. Muldoon, said, “with his vast governing experience, he is just the right choice for St. Mary’s.” Muldoon added, “his experience wrangling Senators in Washington provides him with the perfect skill set to help ensure St. Mary’s funding into the future.”

Students are excited about the choice. Mark Snyder, Class of 2012, said, “he did such a great job in the show and some of the movies he has been in, I am sure he will do well as President.”

Political Science Professor, Todd Eberly said, “I am pretty disappointed. After all, he left the show after leaking information of a secret military shuttle to the New York Times.” The Board did not comment on Schiff’s exit from the show. “I fear that we will see St. Mary’s secret’s plastered all over the newspapers,” said Eberly.

Schiff could not be reach for comment. His personal assistant said, “[Schiff] is excited by the offer, although not really sure how his name came up.”

Schiff will start his tenure as President July 1st.

This article is not real. Happy April Fools!

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