2010 World Carnival Presents Quidditch, Nerf Wars


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Photo by Brendan O’HaraPhoto by Brendan O’HaraPhoto by Brendan O’HaraPhoto by Brendan O’HaraPhoto by Brendan O’Hara

As one of the College’s annual traditions, World Carnival almost always manages to draw a large crowd of students and surrounding St. Mary’s County citizens to the Admissions Field in order to partake in all of its spring festivities.

This year, World Carnival can be chalked up as a great success, due to the perfect weather, the great number of activities that were planned, and the addition of some very popular and new events. While the choice of musical guests left various students with mixed feelings, the inflatable (and deceptively difficult) blow-up course achieved a relatively good turnout.

On Saturday, the various booths from the different St. Mary’s clubs and sports were advertising henna tattoos, free tie dying, cotton candy, chia pets, t-shirts commemorating the seven wonders of St. Mary’s, and a bucking barrel, among others. Outside vendors also included Maggie Moo’s ice cream, a lemonade stand, and other booths selling clothing, baskets, and more.

“Knowing all of the work that went in behind the scenes, I think the event went extremely well,” said sophomore Anna Danz, who was Vendors Chair of the World Carnival Committee. “The fact that we as committee members could enjoy it as well speaks to how well it was organized and the overall quality of the events.”

Within the tent several performances took place throughout the day on Saturday, as well as the night beforehand. The bands that performed included Donora, The Cool Kids, Black Coffee Experience, and Slyfoxed, with other performances being presented by Interchorus, a dance group from College Park, and Take One! Improv.

Possibly the most talked about events, though, were the new additions of the Nerf Gun wars and the Quidditch matches. The former event kicked off around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. Many students could even be seen running around Admissions Field, still playing, after the game had finished.

The Quidditch matches, on the other hand, started at 3:15 p.m. and lasted for a few hours. “We were thinking of cool events that St. Mary’s kids would enjoy,” said sophomore Thao Corcoran, the co-chair for Publicity and the Friday night events of the carnival. “And Quidditch is that cool event.” The matches produced a large crowd around the part of the field closest to Schaefer Hall, while various players dressed in costumes (and sometimes painted all over with body paint) ran around on broomsticks trying to win the game for their team.

“Quidditch was insane,” said Danz, “but in a good way. I mean, who doesn’t love unleashing their inner Harry Potter?” She also said that Quidditch will most likely make a comeback at next year’s World Carnival, but with a few changes to the rules.

Overall, this year’s World Carnival provided many of the students and locals around St. Mary’s County with a fun day in the sun during one of St. Mary’s College’s biggest annual traditions. “World Carnival was a great success this year,” said junior Jamie Phillips, the Volunteer co-chair of the carnival. “We had lots of great clubs and activities, and people seemed to really like the Quidditch and the musical acts.”

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