Women’s Basketball Waits to Rebound

Afte a loss to Marymount University on Jan. 27, the Seahawks rebounded with a close 65-63 victory against Stevenson on Jan. 30. (Photo by Matt Molek)
Afte a loss to Marymount University on Jan. 27, the Seahawks rebounded with a close 65-63 victory against Stevenson on Jan. 30. (Photo by Matt Molek)

Due to the possibility of severe winter conditions over the weekend, the College’s women’s basketball team decided on Friday to postpone their away games against Mary Washington University on Saturday, Feb. 6 and Sunday, Feb. 7 until a later date.
The Seahawks will now have to wait a bit longer before returning to play against the team who previously beat them 63-51 on Jan. 13. They have been playing “better and better every game,” said Coach Barb Bausch, and the team seems to be excited to finish off their next six games with some more wins.

The eight teammates have been trying to pick up their momentum as the season continues, but are currently sitting on the stats of 6-13 overall and 5-6 in the conference. “As we prepare for the remainder of the season before hitting playoffs,” said senior and co-captain Stephanie Saint-Aubin, “we intend to be more focused, driven, and most importantly trying to make a statement.”

Even with the talent and great on-court chemistry, the athletes are still playing with the setback of having such a small number of players, which can add difficulty to performance during the season, especially during practices. With having a small team, it makes it difficult for the players to scrimmage one another when preparing for a game.

“At practice sometimes we play four against four instead of five against five,” said Bausch. Luckily, though, the Seahawks have had various students with basketball experience willingly help them scrimmage during practices. According to Bausch, “This allows us to recreate things that we might see in a game.”

“We are constantly being judged,” said Saint-Aubin, “because we have only eight players, but we are ready to show that with eight players, we are still able to make it to the playoffs, win, and represent our school with pride and integrity.”
The first-year athletes, who make up half of the team, have also been greatly improving as the season has progressed. Since the small number of teammates does not leave many players to sub in or out, many of the freshmen have received much more playing time than in the past. “I have to give the freshman a lot of credit because they have had to grow up very fast as college athletes,” said senior and co-captain Alexandria Wenger. “A lot of weight and responsibility has been placed on them and I think they have handled it really well.”

The lady Seahawks’ next game will be at home against Wesley College at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 10. They are hoping to create a winning streak after having previously won 65-63 against Stevenson University. “Despite being low on numbers, we have grown very close as a team,” said Wenger. “I think that the camaraderie that we have built off the court has really helped our chemistry on the court.”

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