Dean Bayless Wins ACPA Award

Recently, The American College Personal Association (ACPA) with a Diamond Honoree Award honored St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Dean of Student Affairs Laura Bayless. This award is given in recognition of Dean Bayless’ achievements in student affairs.

“[The Diamond Honoree Award] is meant to honor student affairs professionals who have done good work over the course of their career [in student affairs]” said Bayless. Dean Bayless was nominated by her colleagues and members of the Commission of Administrative Leadership.  A colleague of the Deans from Northwestern University, Tim Gordon was the member of the Commission who forwarded the nomination to the ACAP.

Dean Bayless colleagues nominated her because “she is an excellent thinker, leader, and person. She is able to help colleagues and students, realize their potential through thoughtful questions, consistent support and mentorship, and works to improve the lives of students through our professional work,” said Gordon.

Dean Bayless began her career in Student Affairs while she was still attending college at Dennison University. “I was a very actively involved undergrad both inside and outside of the classroom,” said Bayless, “Somehow during my senior year I discovered that you can do this as a job.”

Dean Bayless will continue her work in Student Affairs through her participation on campus and in the ACPA. “I plan to keep contributing to the campus I am on, and to the larger field in general…I am actually going to be presenting an article at the [National Convention] Conference,” said Bayless

On March 21 in Boston at the ACPA, National Convention Dean Bayless will receive her award In addition her friends, and colleagues across the country are honoring her for her achievement by donating to the [ACPA] foundation.

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