College Cross-Country Team Holds 24-hour Run for Veterans

The St. Mary’s men’s and women’s Cross Country teams are hosting a 24-hour relay run event in April to benefit hospital-ridden war veterans.

The cross country teams, completing their first season as a Division-III team for the Seahawks in November under coach and Athletics and Recreation Center (ARC) director Tom Fisher, are working alongside the Southern Maryland Vacations for Vets to host the event Apr. 9-10, 5 p.m.-5 p.m.  During the run, at least one of the 15 athletes on the team will be on the St, Mary’s track at all times, mostly in 30-60-minute intervals and alternating shifts.

The program is designed to raise funds for Vacations for Vets, an organization formed in 2007 to provide weekend retreats and small vacations for former military service members in their families, a way of breaking everyday routines in veteran’s hospitals.  Past trips have included chartered fishing tours, boat tours, kayaking, other seasonal activities, and food, lodging, and transportation are provided for the veterans and their families.

The teams are seeking donations and raising money for the event, during which the team will track its total miles accumulated over the 24-hour period.  Half of the proceeds will benefit the cross-country teams for uniforms, shoes, and other necessary equipment, while the other half will be donated to Vacations for Vets.

Anyone interested in donating funds to benefit the cross-country team or Vacations for Vets can do so by filling out a donation form, which can be found on the Cross Country page of the St. Mary’s Athletics website.

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