Welcome Back from the Chief’s Desk

As semesters change, so do our surroundings, even on this tiny isolated campus. Seasons come and go. Buildings rise on old foundations. Grassy hills become leveled. Docks stretch out over the river. Even on a personal level, things change: as students, we find new housing arrangements, we sign up for new classes in different buildings, and our friends depart for a tour abroad or in the trenches as RAs.

Perhaps the one thing that has stayed constant for me as a student has been the Point News room (to be fair, half is Avatar’s/The Dove’s). Small, with off-white walls, Macs lining the perimeter, and tiny windows that look out into bushes, our part of the room is only made inviting by the newspapers that sit casually on its tables. Since I started with the paper my first year at school, the newsroom itself has been a concrete representation of the paper itself. Issues came and went, but the office has always been there. Before I became an editor, I wondered what went on behind that mysterious closed door.

The reality is much less mystical: basically, all of us editors sit in a circle and try to come up with news stories. On production weekends, we come in and spend between six and 14 straight hours each Saturday and Sunday in this tiny room. I have worked under three wonderful editors-in-chief, all of whom have graduated or have had to step down because they are so busy on campus. Editors have come and gone, and some have just returned from study abroad. Still, the office itself has the same off-white walls, the same Macs, the same windows.

The paper itself has changed, however. Different editors have different styles, both in writing and layout as well as in humor. We still have the placeholder headline from last year’s presidential inauguration issue pinned to a corkboard: Manbearpig Wins Presidency, it reads, with the accompanying image below. This followed the LOLCats gag page (also never published) the semester before.

The topics have changed, too. Looking back on last semester’s papers, a presidential search update occurred in nearly every issue, which will continue as needed until a new president is found. In a larger context, The Point News covered national events like the presidential election and inauguration, health care, and the economy as they pertained to our campus.
Over the next semester, you can expect continuity. We will still attempt to cover every lecture, arts event, and trend on campus. But you can also expect new topics, hopefully especially in the editorial section, about the things that affect the school, and wider community around us, whether through this “From the Chief’s Desk” or Dave Chase’s analysis of what the Massachusetts senate race has to do with Maryland.

There is something else that I hope will change. Right now, our editors also write most of the articles in the paper. We have very few staff writers, and while we manage as we are, we would love to see more students participate in bringing the news or their opinions to the rest of campus. Working on the paper gives us a good idea of what’s going on around us, as well as giving us a solid resume for work or grad schools and several hundred dollars a semester in pay for editors (have I mentioned how upwardly mobile The Point News is?). While I think The Point News is doing well as it is, it could always be stronger, and if you want to be a more informed member of the College community and have some fun along the way, you should join us right outside the newsroom Mondays at 8:30 p.m.The other editors and I will be waiting for you.

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