Dr. Jeffrey Byrd Soars as Assistant Coach, Recognized by CAC

The Capital Athletic Conference (CAC) honored Dr. Jeffrey Byrd two weeks ago for his commitment and position as assistant coach of the women’s basketball team.

Byrd is a professor of Microbiology at the College and is also the Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) and assistant women’s basketball coach. He has been a faculty member in the biology department for 20 years.

“As an avid sports fan and strong supporter of student participation in athletics, I was regularly found at all sporting events on campus.  This naturally led to a direct interaction with the student-athletes as the FAR,” Byrd said.

The CAC regularly recognizes members of the CAC: students, coaches, administrators, etc., in a feature titled “Introducing…”
These members are asked to elucidate their involvement in athletics so that the CAC can commend their accomplishments.

First-year women’s basketball player Pui Sham thought that the spotlight upon Dr. Byrd was well directed.
She said, “…Dr. Byrd is a great coach, he provides us with a lot of encouragement and offers the team a lot of constructive criticism.”

Byrd said, “[Coaching] has really made me appreciate the stress student athletes are under.”

Dr. Byrd regularly spends twenty to thirty extra hours a week in his role as assistant coach.

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