Questions Unanswered As Board Reopens Search

As a small liberal arts college and home to the Center for Democracy, there are certain values attributed to St. Marys that reflect the institutional character of the College. You would be hard pressed to find many on campus (students, faculty and staff alike) who would not describe St. Mary’s as fair, free, open minded, accepting and ultimately democratic campus. We are a community.

Yet the Board’s lack of communication as they restart the search process for our next President seems to stand in opposition to those values. The decision took place in closed door meetings in which our only representation on the Board, Debbie Travers, was not allowed. A one paragraph email stating that one or more of the candidates dropped out of the race and as such the Board is starting over is not sufficient.

In the middle of a recession with state and federal budget cuts looming, the board has decided to keep the school leaderless. This makes it impossible to hire, among other positions, a Vice President of Development, so that as of this moment our administration is being stretched beyond what seems reasonable.

If the Board is going to scrap the months of work completed by the Presidential Search Committee and deny the school a President during these tough fiscal times, they should at least defend their decision in a more substantial way. Instead,we have spent the past two weeks trying to sort through questions and rumors by ourselves.

While the Search Committee did an excellent job in communicating with the community about the progress of the search, over the last two weeks, at the most crucial point of the process, we’ve been left in the dark. We implore the Board to move forward transparently.

-Point News Editorial Board

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