Circle K Members “Live to Serve, Love to Serve.”

Members of the Circle K Foundation prepare pizza to raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Members of the Circle K Foundation prepare pizza to raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Anyone who has seen the Circle K Foundation in action knows that the group does what it takes to reach an important goal. Just recently, members of Circle K made and delivered pizza to St. Mary’s students across campus to raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Members are also working to raise money for The United Nations Children’s Fund through “Trick-or Treat for Unicef.”

St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Circle K foundation has been serving the community since its establishment in 1999. Circle K is an international sponsored organization dedicated to service, leadership and fellowship, and is the largest collegiate service organization in the world.

Each week there are several Circle K events, such as car washes, park clean-ups, and fundraisers. Circle K has helped countless people in and out of the St. Mary’s community. The foundation’s motto is “Live to serve, love to serve.” Currently, 21 students make up the St. Mary’s Circle K foundation.

One of the foundation’s latest endeavors is its drive to win in a competition with University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of Maryland College Park, Frostburg, and Morgan State University in the “Donate Life Campus Challenge.” The competition encourages students of St. Mary’s to become organ donors. St. Mary’s only needs 5 percent of its student population to participate in order to win the challenge.

According to Kelli Hill, a senior at St. Mary’s and the president of Circle K, “The purpose of Circle K is to serve the community and the campus in the best way that we can. Anyone can join any time…we are always looking for more members; however, only dues-paying members can attend international and district events.”

“I have been in Circle K for four years,” she said. “When I came here…there wasn’t a lot going on [with Circle K], but over the years it’s been built up…I have made a lot of friends and have participated in a lot of service events…there is at least one a week.” Hill started off in Circle K as the vice president of service during her freshman and sophomore years, and became the president her junior year. She said that Circle K “is the club I’m going to miss the most when I have to leave…for sure!”

The foundation plans to make Thanksgiving baskets for impoverished families, that contain food for families that cannot afford food to cook a Thanksgiving dinner. In April, they will participate in “Christmas in April,” which involves rehabilitating houses for people who are in need in the community.

Jay Massey, a sophomore at St. Mary’s, enjoys volunteering with Circle K. “I like Circle K,” he said. “My favorite [activity] is making Thanksgiving baskets and participating in Christmas in April. I really like it, and I plan to stay with it.”

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