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Hi St. Mary’s!

As I’m sure you all know, we’re in the process of bringing the presidential candidates on campus to visit and meet with the college community.  The search committee has been working really hard all summer to narrow down the finalists and bring them to campus and now its time for us as student to do our part!  There is an open forum for students to go to every day that the candidates will be on campus, so try to take some time out of your schedule to meet the candidates!  For information on the candidate’s visit schedule, check out  For information on who the candidates are and to submit your feedback on them, log on to the Portal and look for the “Presidential Search” tab.

In other new, the Board of Trustees meets four times a year and the first quarterly meeting of the year is coming up on October 3rd!  These meetings are where many of the important decisions about the College are made. The general session is open to the public, so be sure to come and observe the session if you’re interested!

I have a sort of silly favor to ask of you all.  I absolutely love it when people come up to me on the path or see me around campus and talk to me about the presidential search or campus issues, but I am really terrible with names.  I always feel guilty when you know who I am but I don’t know who you are, so if you could introduce yourself (or even add me on Facebook later!), it would help me a ton.  Speaking of campus issues, how is your semester going?  What’s your favorite class?  What concerns do you have?  Are there any campus issues that you feel aren’t getting enough attention or that aren’t being resolved?  Let me know!  Send me an email at or catch me on the path!

Have a great week!

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