From the Patio: New Door, Same Feel

While its natural for seniors to look back on their first three years here with nostalgia, it pained us a little to come back to campus knowing that the very establishment where so many memories began no longer existed as we had endearingly known it. No, not campus… just the Green Door.

For those of you who unfortunately never had the chance to experience the Door, it was a hole in the wall—barely had a floor, toilets rarely flushed, every inch of space was covered with initials of students and cheap beer signs. But, it was our hole in the wall. There was nothing like Karaoke Wednesdays, also known as Club Door, trying to get into the bathroom while dodging darts as they flew past our heads, making friends with “townies” and hoarding the peanut buckets.

After the Door was closed all summer for renovation, they announced it would reopen our first Friday back on campus. We were anxious all week, anticipating the reopening like little kids on Christmas Eve. We were so excited, in fact, that we promptly arrived at 4p.m. when the doors of the new Door opened. But there was nothing we could have done to prepare ourselves. We took our places at the bar and sat in silence as we let ourselves become accustomed to the smell of new varnish on the fresh flooring and walls.

Bigger, cleaner, and well ventilated were just a few of the improvements made to the bar. The picnic tables were gone, and the small room in the back to play darts had been replaced by an entire “wing.” There’s more than enough room for a game of darts, and the getting to the girls bathroom is no longer life threatening.

Even though the entire bar had been completely transformed, it still felt the same in a lot of ways. As it started to get darker, more and more people filtered in, and it felt as though we had never left this place. The Door will always be the same Door. It might look a little different, but it still means the same thing to all of us, and all those to come.

As we sat writing this article on the patio the next day, we came to realize—you can change the bar, but you can’t change the kids in it. And so, despite our fears of losing the only bar around here (sans the Sunshine Oa…excuse us, Monks), the Door still had the same camaraderie, the same charm as before. There was still plenty of beer to drink, great music to dance to and tons of people to make “door” friends with—it’s what St. Mary’s students bring to it that makes it the Door we all love and laugh about from the patio.

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