Sunny Encourages Students to Enjoy St. Mary’s

Hello Seahawks,

As studying and paper writing starts to consume our lives I hope that we will all take a few minutes to go outside and enjoy the spring/summer weather. In particular I hope that each senior gets one more chance to do those things at St. Mary’s that we so love to do.

Go kayaking, sailing, have brunch outside, watch a St. Mary’s sunset, or watch a St. Mary’s sunrise. Also go to those few remaining sports games, play a round of Frisbee golf, or take a walk to the point. Interact with your community by having coffee with the most difficult professor that you’ve had, starting a conversation with a staff member, hosting a barbeque, or by introducing yourself to someone that you pass everyday but whose name you don’t know. While you’re doing that take a few minutes to reflect on all of the wonderful events that have happened on campus this year or for some of us over the past four years. I hope that when we look back at the past year (or four) we have positive memories. Just like Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home,” and for so many of us St. Mary’s is home.

Finally, I want to express my excitement and anticipation for all of the student leaders that have been selected to represent you for next year. I am sure that each of the club leaders and SGA representatives will bring wonderful new things to campus. In particular I am very proud that our next Student Government will be run by non-other than the Editor-in-Chief of the Point News, Justin Perry (SGA President) and two time former senator, Lisa Neu (SGA Vice President). I am positive that these two will do great, great things for St. Mary’s. In addition Kait Hines and Sola Ogundele are going to shine as SGA Treasurer and SGA Director of Programming, respectively.

Best of luck next year and have a great summer!!

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