Letter to the Editor: Students and the Search

Dear Mr. Perry,

Thank you for your editorial regarding student representation on the presidential search committee.

I understand your concerns and wholeheartedly believe that students, indeed all of us, want to ensure that the next president of St. Mary’s is a representative of the students who deeply love this institution.

We highly value the input of the student leaders selected by their peers to represent them.  Nine (nearly 30%) of the committee are or have been students at St. Mary’s College.

Among our alumni representatives, two of our committee members have graduated within the last 5 years.

We know the students at St. Mary’s are exceptional, committed and thoughtful.

We want their insight and share a mutuality of purpose: recommending the best candidate to serve the students and the college community to the trustees.

On April 9th we held an open forum; on April 14 we held two meetings with students leaders and we are scheduling a campus-wide meeting for any students on April 30.

We hope many students will attend so their voices can be heard. We will be listening.

Molly Mahoney
Presidential Search Committee

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