Lauren Carrier: Women’s Soccer and Lacrosse Champ

laurenBefore I went to go interview senior Lauren Carrier I was little intimidated. Here I was poised to talk to a prime player on several teams who has set a bevy of records.

Just this year, for lacrosse, Carrier set the single-season school record for points with 105 points, is ranked seventh in Division III in points, and was a two-time CAC Player-of-the-Week as well as a two-time SMCM Athlete-of-the-Month.

Even though she is a highly accomplished athlete I felt as soon as we started speaking  that it has not gone to her head.

She was quick to acknowledge her teammates on both the soccer and lacrosse teams. Carrier has been playing lacrosse and soccer her 4 years here at St. Mary’s.

However, now that the lacrosse season is over after St. Mary’s defeat at the hands of Mary Washington, I felt the natural question should be to find out what’s next.

Carrier is continuing her education with the Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program and would like to be a teacher one day.
She also would like to do some lacrosse or soccer coaching at local high schools in Anne Arundel County.

I then asked Lauren to reflect on this past year and her performance. In regards to lacrosse, she said, “The season was really successful and all the team’s we lost to were in the top 10. We were a stronger team than last year…We’re all pretty close and we all get along. These are people I’ll continue to talk to.”

About the soccer season she said, “It was an unbelievable experience. It was our year to shine.” The women’s soccer team was the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC) champions for the first time ever.

Unfortunately Carrier was injured 12 games into the season was unable to play the rest of the season and was not expected to be able to play lacrosse either.

Carrier said the hardest part of the season were the “times training when I thought I was going to have to redshirt.”

Redshirting is when an athlete can practice but is unable to play, in this case because of injury.

However, Carrier’s ACL healed in time for her to play lacrosse this past season.

I wanted to find out if there was anything Carrier would have changed about her experience at St. Mary’s. She said that she had the opportunity to play Division I athletics, but “I like this school too much. I wouldn’t change anything.”

When asked about the awards she has received, Carrier said, “The awards this season represent how far I’ve come. To get all those awards was overwhelming. I wasn’t expected to play this season.”

She also wanted to thank her parents and teammates for their involvement and support during her athletic career.

They provided “total support. Someone was always helping me out, someone was always there for me.”

“I’ve just gotten so lucky with all the teams, all the girls, especially my senior group. They just made it so much better of an experience.”

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