Dances Show Off Multitude of Different Numbers

The dance numbers included Hip Hop and R&B choreography, lyrical ballets, belly dance, jazz contemporary, a theatrical piece, merengue, and a modern rock piece. (Photos by Rowan Copley)
The dance numbers included Hip Hop and R&B choreography, lyrical ballets, belly dance, jazz contemporary, a theatrical piece, merengue, and a modern rock piece. (Photo by Rowan Copley)

The dance show’s theme, “Born to Dance” was fulfilled as students both in and out of the dance club got the chance to perform and show the college how they like to move it.

Makeyda Hilliard, a senior and president of the dance club, lamented not working more with the school for better performance venues that are good for both the audience and the dancers. The show took place in Somerset Gym in the ARC, an unlikely venue for the event. Previously, the show had taken place in St. Mary’s Hall, where tickets needed to be sold to control the number of people allowed inside.

The secluded entrance to the show had no effect on the jam-packed audiences that the club attracted during each show. In fact, some parents who arrived late and missed their reserved seats left complaining that they were not able to see their children as up close and personal as they would have preferred.

The club made do with the space given to them, though. They put up blinders to the audience in order to allow for backstage privacy for the dancers, in addition to adding brown paper on the windows to keep the show intimate and secluded.

The show was complete with a series of senior spotlights featuring those students who have been dedicated to the dance club here at St. Mary’s for years. Each spotlight featured no more than eight students at a time with their own choreographed pieces. The seven spotlight dances were spread out between the first and second act.

Senior Megan McDonough, who has been performing at the dance show since her freshman year, commented on the variety of dances performed during this semester’s show. “The Saturday show was the best for me, probably because I knew it was my last performance. The crowd was also really good on Saturday and helped all of the dancers stay pumped.”

“When I first came here as a freshman I didn’t even know they had a dance club,” said senior Binwi Ngwa-suh. However, after seeing the spring dance show of 2006, Ngwa-Suh joined the dance club. This semester she performed in over three dances, including a senior spotlight. “I decided to go out dancing,” said Ngwa-Suh.

Senior Micha Benons describes dance as one of the reasons she decided to come to St. Mary’s College of Maryland. When alumni and former dance club executive members Katherina Furrs and Rachel Flurrie told Micha about the dance show, she couldn’t resist.

“I got so excited I came, and I joined the club,” said Benons. “What I’ll miss most is the commitment of the dancers and the fact that nobody who joins is deterred by their own personal dance level. I love that we have no concern about if you’ve danced before or what type of dance you’ve done.”

This year’s dance show featured a special performance done by the Modern I Dance Class.

“Makeyda started the tradition of bringing a non-traditional group into the show,” said Ngwa-Suh. “Last semester it was the step team and they rocked!  This semester it was one of Kelly Mayfield’s classes and they were great. That was a nice added element for the club members; we really liked having another group backstage with us!”

“I thought it was really neat to see students express themselves,” said Frank McGough, a sophomore. “I liked the last dance the best because everyone acted drunk.”

“I think the show was awesome! I am so proud of the dancers and the choreographers,” Hilliard said after the show. “I will miss everything. I can’t even find the words to say what I loved most about being involved in dance club. For me, dance club made my college career awesome!”

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