The Dove May Fly No More

Perceptive students may have noticed that in the last few years, the College yearbook, The Dove, has steadily been published later and later. This lateness has been due to a serious decline in Dove staff members.

The Dove is a College club that relies on the support, interest, and cooperation of the students; however, unlike other clubs on campus, students who participate in The Dove have an obligation to finish a completed project, a project that requires extra work on top of classes and summer participation. “The problem with a major publication being a major club [is that] unless it’s a club that has a lot of active members, it can’t come out. It can’t get done by one person,” said advisor Kelly Schroeder

At the moment, The Dove has one staff member, Editor Laurie Hammond, a senior. “Laurie has had pretty much no help,” said Schroeder.  Laurie admits that she has had some people show interest in working on the yearbook; however, she does not want them to be stuck in the same position she is now.

“I can’t hand [The Dove] to someone else. I don’t want to put someone in the same position I’m in,” said Hammond.

Last year, staffing was so lean that the yearbook was not completed and distributed. In fact, the 2007-2008 edition of The Dove has still not been distributed.  Fortunately for those who had purchased the issue, Hammond has been working on the issue and will send it out this April. “The people who ordered ‘08 will get it. Laurie has finished all her work, the publisher helped. It’s in production right now, we should receive the books in April,” said Schroeder.
There were more factors into the late publishing of the ‘08 Dove than simply understaffing. There was also a problem with the publisher and also problems with student participation. According to Hammond, she had trouble getting pictures and club information from students.

Hammond and Schroeder question whether or not a hard-copied yearbook is even in the interest of the students. “I think the problem with college is that many people don’t know we have a yearbook, “ said Hammond.

“I guess the question is have yearbooks gone out of fashion, since people chronicle their lives on Facebook?” said Schroeder.

The future of The Dove is up in question, but it appears that as of this moment a 2008-2009 edition might not be published; however, according to Hammond, if this is something that students still want, then they will do what they can to make sure it is completed..

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