Referendum Sends a Message

On behalf of The Point News, I would like to congratulate the students of St. Mary’s for voting in favor of the Student Government Association’s referendum.

Not only did we allow the SGA to give much-needed aid to students and to the academic departments, but also we once again proved our dedication to maintaining – and enhancing – the integrity of the academic program here at St. Mary’s.

And, hopefully, our voices will be resoundingly heard on this issue. The referendum’s result was overwhelming; 561 students voted in favor, with only 64 opposed. I believe that every ‘yes’ vote sent a clear message that we will not allow our education to be compromised.

As students, we will carry the ultimate burden if academic budget cuts continue. It is refreshing and rewarding to attend an institution where we all act with purpose to address such a central issue. Obviously, special consideration must once again be given to the SGA for leading the way.

Now, the pressure is on the Board of Trustees and the alumni of the College. They have been challenged to match the SGA’s contribution.

If they do, an astounding 60,000 dollars will be donated to the Emergency Assistance Fund and 45,000 will be given to the academic departments. Hopefully, both will heed our collective voice and recognize the need for these funds. I urge the Board and our alumni to consider how they would react if they were attending St. Mary’s during such an extensive budget crunch.

As the recession drags on and the College’s budget continues to tighten, we, the students of St. Mary’s, must continue to stand behind our academic departments. We may not have seen the worst yet.

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