Clubs Fill Kohler’s Void

Oh, Kohler’s. Most of use have missed you so since your dissolution sometime at the end of last year. You have enabled us in our weekend addictions to pizza, Buffalo chicken, and pizza covered in Buffalo chicken. You even encouraged an illicit affair with “Doug balls,” that unfortunate e-mail misspelling of the doughy dessert treat. Kohler’s, how I miss and want you.

Or not. Perhaps, actually, I want Kohler’s to stay six feet under, if only for just a little bit longer.

Now, as a sophomore, I can’t say that I have seen Kohler’s at its best. When I came in as a first-year, Kohler’s was beginning to struggle, and this year it has been altogether out of service.
In fact, I remember Kohler’s mostly from my visit to the College during my senior year of high school, when I first experienced Buffalo chicken pizza with a throng of St. Mary’s students, with French rap music playing in the background.

I know that Kohler’s is a part of St. Mary’s culture, and many of us, including myself, are sad to see it die.

All of this, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that the lack of Kohler’s is a bad thing; it just means that a Kohler’s replacement is needed.

We have Kohler’s replacements, if only sporadically. As the fundraisers for the Class of 2010, Circle K, Physics Club, and the Intercollegiate Fashion Club have shown, the absence of a late-night pizza service on campus has created opportunities for clubs and other organizations to raise money without having to apply for funds from the Student Government Association (SGA).

Given the state of the College’s financial system and the economy as a whole, it makes sense that both clubs and the SGA would benefit from an increasing number of clubs raising money directly from the students.

While the club-run pizza nights may not feature the selection of other foods such as Buffalo wings and Doug[h] balls that Kohler’s did, their popularity indicates that students still enjoy the food they receive. With Kohler’s still running, this opportunity for clubs would never exist. Whether Kohler’s will return or whether club fundraisers will eventually completely fill the niche once occupied by Kohler’s remains to be seen.

Ideally, Kohler’s would return and allow clubs to run fundraisers on one weekend every month (or something of the sort), so that students would be guaranteed a pizza service every weekend, but clubs could still receive money without having to ask the SGA; whether this would be economically feasible for Kohler’s remains to be seen. Until something new is worked out, I’ll be checking my email for the next club-run pizza night.

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