Zombie Flick to be Screened in Cole

“Hill House,” St. Mary’s first student-produced zombie movie opens in Cole Cinema for two showings this month, playing Feb. 15 and Feb. 22 at 8:30 p.m.

The film was written and directed by Ciaran Stone, and shot last semester at the off-campus house known as hill house from which the film takes its name.  Formerly titled “Of the Dead,” the name was changed due to copyright issues. Starring Kyle Clothier, Kiki Possick, Max Heaton, and Morgan Brown, the film was shot in black and white and is slightly longer than 30 minutes.

The showing on Feb 22nd will be a red carpet event. Stone will be wearing a tuxedo and the cast and crew are planning to dress up for the evening. Viewers are encouraged to dress up.

The cast and crew are especially proud of their work.

“I was really really impressed with the final product,” said Max Heaton. “It’s the only thing I’m proud of from last semester.”

Heaton said his favorite part is the sound track, recorded mostly all in one sitting by alumnus Trevor Shipley.

Shooting saw its share of challenges. According to Kiki Possick, getting everyone organized was the biggest challenge. “You know we’re all still students,” added Max Heaton. Another challenge was special effects for blood and gore, which were created using a combination of, among other materials, oatmeal, chocolate syrup, and condoms filled with blood.

During the filming of one scene, the corn fields were in the process of being harvested. “It was never really distracting, it was just kind of a nuisance,” said Kyle Clothier. The crew had to time the shots as to not have harvesters in the background of the scene.

One thing the cast is particularly proud of is the make-up, provided by Liz Gossens. “My favorite was getting the bite mark on my leg. It was latex, toilet paper, and make-up paint,” said Kiki Possick, “I was so proud I left it on all day.”
Despite challenges, the cast and crew had fun making the movie. Possick added that “you can never take yourself too seriously when making a zombie film.”

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