Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex is often a taboo subject to ask questions about. It’s the butt of lots of jokes, but honest inquiries into topics about sexuality are a little more difficult. That’s why Candace Daniels has put together the panel “Love Lines” for students to anonymously ask questions about sex to knowledgeable faculty members.

St. Mary’s Professors Jennifer Cognard-Black and Andrew Cognard-Black, and possibly one more faculty member, will answer questions that students wrote and put in a box at the Campus Center.

The event is scheduled to take place during Sexual Responsibility week, Feb 10th-13th.

Daniels said that she personally felt that knowing the answer to “weird questions about sex” would make one a better person.

Autumn Capers, a junior , said she hopes the panel goes “beyond the black and white picture of sex.” However, Daniels insists that there is no taboo subject the panel will shy away from. “No matter what the question, the panel will answer.”

So come on by for a frank discussion centered around a favorite campus-wide subject: sex.

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