Kohler’s Come Back, Please

While I was sitting in the Point News office last week, talking about article ideas, I received a question from a few younger writers, and it took me aback: “What was Kohler’s?”

What was Kohler’s? What was Kohler’s!?! What is the world coming to?

Anybody who was around for any part of the previous three years knows all about the on-campus junk food heaven that was Kohler’s Pizza.

Sure, they weren’t perfect. There was the occasional messed up order, or delayed delivery, but come on, tell me where else I can get a large pizza with whatever I want on it delivered for nine dollars, and I’ll stop complaining.

For all those who never had the chance to order Kohler’s, you read that correctly.  Whatever you want on it. Nine dollars. Delivered.

Before news even broke about the downfall of Kohler’s, there was already talk from Bon Appétit and Kohler’s management that the on-campus student pizza service would be reopened “very soon.”

In an Oct. 7 Point News article, Bon Appétit manager George McClusick was quoted as saying that Kohler’s “is planning a return” and that he hoped the pizza shop would be back in business the following week.

But now here I sit, after more than a semester without pizza, talking with staffers who have never even heard of Kohler’s. You’re breaking my heart, Bon Appétit! In that same article, McClusick said that Kohler’s was shut down because Bon Appétit needed to stop to consider the feasibility of the service.

I’ve got an answer for you on that one. Just take one look at the class of 2010’s recent pizza fundraiser. They were completely overwhelmed by student demand, receiving 50 orders in their first hour, and quickly sold out well before their planned 1:00 a.m. closing time. Anybody with half a brain could make that profitable! Don’t let Kohler’s fall of the map, and be forgotten. Whatever other gripes the administration or Bon Appétit have with Kohler’s, I think they should be promptly settled. Student interest is off the charts, and we want our pizza back.

Two buffalo chicken pizzas to Homer 7 please.

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