New Student Blogs Describe St. Mary’s Life to Prospective Students

With the upcoming unveiling of the new admissions website comes a new feature: student blogs that describe life at St. Mary’s. These blogs, written by seniors Matthew Decker, Matthew Fafoutis, and Kathy Orellana, will emphasize the activities and daily life of students at the College in an interactive and engaging manner.

Currently there are three blogs that will, according to Decker, “highlight the multidimensional atmosphere of St. Mary’s campus.” For example, in his blog Decker will be writing about his schedule and how he balances his class work, his St. Mary’s Project (SMP), his jobs, and his socially awkward interactions. These blogs will strive to show prospective students a human side to the campus. The writers will detail their troubles and their triumphs in order to show possible incoming students what their lives at the College might encompass.

The blogs will appear on the new admissions website which admissions plans to release before the winter break. The student writers have their own blogs to chronicle their College experiences and will update them approximately weekly.

Ben Toll, Assistant Director of Admissions and the man spearheading the blog project, is very excited about this new feature. He said the one of the reasons behind the creation of the blogs was the possibility of prospective students not visiting because of travel costs so he wanted to create a feature on the website that would “provide a similar experience to what the students have on a tour.”

Toll billed the blogs section of the Web site as being very user friendly and allowing instantaneous, direct communication. Anyone will be able to comment on the blog and ask the writer any questions they have about the blog. Toll said that frequently updated blogs will give prospective students a “reason to be engaged.”

Orellana described the importance of the unique, personal nature of the blogs. “Stories make people feel a little more connected, I think,” she said. “I also think that hearing the St. Mary’s lingo (SMP, the waterfront, etc) gives prospective families a more in-depth look at life here, once they’ve decided to attend.”

The blogs are another way that students can gain information about life at the College. Toll stressed that he wanted students to write the blog because they are the people that could have an impact on incoming students, and they will be the ones that could have more of an impact on the daily lives of incoming students, rather than the admissions staff.

Overall, the writers of the blogs seemed very excited to be able to share their experiences with possible students. Fafoutis said, “It will allow people to get a better idea about what St. Mary’s is like and therefore they will be able to make better, more informed decisions about coming which is ultimately what we’re aiming at.”

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