From the Patio Moves to the Library as Exams Approach

Students study on beanbags on the library’s third floor. (Photo by Rowan Copley)

It’s the least wonderful time of the year, so close to winter break but so far from finishing final papers, writing up note cards and sending in papers five minutes before deadline. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but it seems to be that the culmination of a huge workload, the frigid weather and the lack of energy to find a creative place to work has forced most of us into the library for extended periods of time.

There’s nothing better than spending your Sunday afternoon cooped up in the fishbowl, sike. But seriously, what better way to kick a hangover then sweat it out in the library—the library that turns up the heat to about 158 degrees. Thanks guys, but since it’s about 157 degrees below outside I’m warm enough in my shirt, long sleeve, jacket, scarf, mittens and boots that I’m wearing since it’s winter.

As freshmen it did not take long get a feel for the lay of the library: downstairs tables, downstairs computers/cubbies, and the dead zone i.e. upstairs. We’ve tried them all and this is what we’ve come up with–the library according to us:

The tables downstairs consist heavily of aggressive athletes and not-so-quiet studiers. This section is not for the faint of heart, or anyone who really wants to get work done. (Keep in mind we’re writing this from these very tables of procrastinators). This place is ideal for weekend recapping, stalking viciously via Facebook, just looking around to see who is there and awkwardly avoiding people you may or may not be avoiding after getting a little out of hand with cell phone usage the night before. It’s a small school and there’s no better reminder than a Sunday afternoon at the sports tables.

Venturing upstairs is a good idea when you have a ten pager due in the morning and barely have a thesis or you’re just trying to keep a low profile for a few days. It’s quiet, and there are couches. And here’s a little hidden gem we bet you didn’t know about—up in no man’s land, the third floor, there are beanbag chairs!

Yes, beanbags. And not those small round ones; we’re talking the big guys. So, if the noise downstairs isn’t enough to scare you up a floor or two, consider sampling a beanbag.  Warning: do not move them from their rightful place in the third floor study room, you will be reprimanded. And what’s more embarrassing than being scolded for borrowing a beanbag in the library? Nothing. Well, that’s not true, but it’s definitely top ten material.

The essence of the library ultimately lies in the books it holds, and the copious amounts of knowledge that can be found here is both priceless and overwhelming. What makes the library really great though, is not only can you walk away with the complete history of shoes or how much air pollution we suffer from, but also feel completely in the know about every party, bust, and mistake that took place over the weekend and throughout the week.

And so we wrap up our final FTP of the semester with a few last words (or warnings) about finals season in the library. The downstairs tables are loud, but despite the whispers and farts courtesy of the lacrosse boys, we’re all in it together. There is a sense of camaraderie that keeps us going when the chaos of finals is wrecking havoc on us emotionally and physically. However, if you find yourself so distracted, don’t fight the noise and go upstairs. God speed–the couches are friendly and the study rooms offer privacy but some us are all too often tempted to nap.

Good luck on finals and have a great holiday. Next time you see Mari, wish her luck spending her spring semester in Washington, DC. As for Lisa, we’re sure she’ll come back with great holiday stories to share from the patio.

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