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Bike Shop to Move Location

The Terrified Pedestrian bike shop is changing its location from Queen Anne Hall to the Waring Commons (WC) common room. According to senior Mike Benjamin, who spearheaded the shop’s creation and works there as a mechanic, the shop plans to move during the week before Thanksgiving break. Benjamin gave the following reasons for the move:

  1. It will facilitate bringing the services of the bike program to the most important user group, north campus residents who often opt to drive to class rather than walk or ride a bike.
  2. The WC space is more “public and marketable”: students drive by and walk by the WC common room constantly, as opposed to the current location, which Benjamin said is “effectively hidden.”
  3. The new location will be more spacious with a much larger outdoor working area.
    • There will be more room to store bikes indoor and outside, especially with the new fleet of bikes which the shop intends to use for renting to students.
    • There will be more open air and comfort, and better ventilation and atmosphere. The current shop has very poor ventilation, mold, water damage, and cockroaches.
  4. It will not interfere with residents’ lives:
    • The current space is used occasionally to play pool and ping pong.
    • The current space compromises the privacy of Queen Anne residences, and the safety of the building.
    • Attempting to increase use of the outdoor space would interfere with established programs for the residents of Queen Anne.
  5. It will be more economically viable:
    • In order to make the current space more compatible with residents, at least one card reader would need to be installed and shop hours of operation would need to be changed. This would limit important service time for students going to morning classes.
    • To get the WC space in working order, pulling up the carpeting and creating a partition between the resident assistants’ office and the common area are all that need to be done. No card access would be needed since shop workers could be given keys to the doors on the back side.
    • The WC space would also allow for hours of operation on the weekend.

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