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Lessons Learned: Why Voter’s Privilege Should Apply to World Carnival

It’s disgusting to me how people refuse to take advantage of the resources handed to them to better ensure that their voices are heard. In the past, I have said some things in The Point News that people have disagreed with and I am sure that this article will be no exception. After all, there will always be conflicting views on a topic and this is something that any writer submitting an opinion article should acknowledge going in. However, this is very serious, it means a lot to me, and therefore, allow me to be blunt.

World Carnival Showcases Virginia Coalition and Best of Coffeehouse

The first day of World Carnival 2011 kicked off with a menagerie of musical acts performed under the Main Stage tent. The festival, which has been a major event at St. Mary’s College for 18 years, had a Friday night line-up just as appealing as the Saturday show, and showcased musical acts at a smaller scale than those to appear on Saturday night. In years past, there have both been Battle of the Band runner-ups and a Best of Coffeehouse set that highlights musicians which were met with praise during the school year.

Gearing Up For World Carnival

World Carnival, a long standing annual tradition at the College, serves as a reminder that the community is part of a larger picture both regionally and internationally. The event, which often serves as a symbol to the student body of another school year coming to a close, has always been a large focal point for the Programs Board since its inception. This year, however, the Programs Board is touting the event as one of the most extravagant and diverse school functions yet.