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Community gathers to honor Clifton with poetry, music

“American poetry is like a big house with rooms in it for everyone.” – Lucille Clifton

On Monday Sept. 12, the annual Voices reading series was off to a powerful start with a Lucille Clifton memorial. Daugherty-Palmer Commons (DPC) was completely filled as two poets that Clifton believed showed pure “clarity, vision, courage and compassion” read their poetry.

Last VOICES Reading Features Poems On Scientific Phenomena ,“Orphaned Images”

On Thursday, April 21, this year’s VOICES Reading Series ended with a poetry reading from Linda Bierds, professor of English at University of Washington and author of First Hand. Bierds read poems from several of her collections and ended with more recent work, sequencing her reading in order to convey “the arc of [her] career.”

Hammond Discusses His Re-Exploration of Childhood Through Fifties Toys

At the second-to-last VOICES lecture of this semester, St. Mary’s own Jeffrey Hammond read from his new memoir Little Big World, a reflection on the “weird American political history” contained in the figurines of fifties toy manufacturer Louis Marx, and the re-exploration of his childhood through the “strange psychology of collecting”.