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Students Begin Sustainability Internship

The Sustainability Fellow position, formerly held by Lisa Neu ’10, has been split into three student internships to be held by two upperclassmen and one first-year student for the academic year.
The decision was announced last semester, when less funding was available for the position due to the recent increase in required staffing positions for the College.

Sustainability Fellow Not Sustainable

At a recent President’s Council, the decision was made to suspend the Sustainability Fellow position. Though members of the administration noted the choice was one of a reallocation of limited resources, to some the suspension is a fundamental back-tracking on the College’s mission. The Sustainability Fellow was started in 2008 as a one-year fellowship held by a recent graduate. Its duties include researching and implementing sustainability efforts on campus

Sustainability Fellow Position Vital to College Mission, Purpose

As our country and our state struggle to cope with the recession, we at St. Mary’s College of Maryland have seen a lot of cuts. We all know workers across the State are hurting and administrators at the College are worried. But as we tighten our belts and trim down our budgets, there are some things that we have to save— the things that make us who we are.