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Field Hockey Excited For New Season

September 13, 2011 efkelley 0

While rained out of scrimmages, the Field Hockey team still played in the Connie Harmon Classic as well as had a game against Washington College. Even though they lost against Washington 2-1, the team is still excited for the season.

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Club Spotlight: The Crew Team

September 13, 2011 mwright 0

Hello St. Mary’s! For those of you that haven’t heard about it yet, there is an awesome group of people on campus known as the Crew team. I know that we may look just like you, save for a few classy pieces of clothing with our crossed oar logo, but you may be interested to know that we are in fact all superhumans.

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Spring Sports Reflection

August 31, 2011 efkelley 0

While it may be hard to find time in a busy school schedule for other things, the beginning of the school year promises to have lots of events for students to participate in. And while you might find yourself going to hear guest lecturers, seeing plays with friends, or hanging out at the waterfront, there will also be plenty of sports to go to (schedule provided in this issue) throughout the fall semester.