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Miss Meghan: No One Deserves Abuse

Dear Miss Meghan,
I’ve been seeing someone casually for about a month but when he’s drunk he turns into a different person. He gets really aggressive and he’ll pin me down or block the door and I don’t ever say no to him because I want him to like me. Sometimes I don’t have the chance to tell him to stop because it happens so fast. I really like him and I don’t want him to think I’m prude or anything but sometimes I wake up with bruises I can’t account for. How can I get him to stop acting like that?

Sunny Luke Talks about the Genetics that Determine Sex

Dr. Sunny Luke, chairman of the International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration (IISAC) and director of the Semester in India program, discussed the genetic and chromosomal differences between the genders in his presentation on Sept. 21 in the Library, titled The Mystery of the Human Gender: X and Y Chromosomes and Beyond…A Neurogenomic Approach.